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Gold Class Luxury Hair Extensions

In-salon editable forms

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Looking for Editable Forms for Hair Stylists in Canva? Tailor These Templates to Your Salon, here’s what we’ve included and why: 

  1. Consultation Form (2 pages):

    • Purpose: Gather client information, hair history, preferences, and expectations.
    • Editability: Customise fields, add or remove questions, and adapt the design to match your business.
  2. Consent Form (2 pages):

    • Purpose: Ensure informed consent for treatments, outlining risks, benefits, and client responsibilities.
    • Editability: Modify content, include specific treatment details, and personalise the layout.
  3. Liability Waiver Form (2 pages):

    • Purpose: Establish liability limits and reaffirm commitment to client safety.
    • Editability: Adjust the liability clauses, add business information, and tailor the design to your preferences.
  4. Photo & Video Release Form (1 page):

    • Purpose: Obtain client consent to use images or videos for promotional purposes.
    • Editability: Customise the release terms, add your branding, and format as needed.
  5. Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy (2 pages):

    • Purpose: Define appointment change policies and scheduling guidelines.
    • Editability: Modify policies, insert your contact information, and adjust the layout to match your business style.
  6. Pre-appointment Instructions (1 Ppage):

    • Purpose: Provide clients with guidelines to prepare for treatments.
    • Editability: Personalise instructions, add specific treatment details, and adapt the design to your salon.
  7. Post-appointment Instructions (1 page):

    • Purpose: Offer comprehensive aftercare guidance to ensure client satisfaction.
    • Editability: Customise aftercare instructions, include product recommendations, and adjust the design to your preferences.
  8. Client Record Form (1 page):

    • Purpose: Maintain organised client records, including preferences and past services.
    • Editability: Add or modify fields, tailor it to your specific record-keeping needs, and align the design with your salon.

All these forms are editable in Canva, allowing you to tailor them to your salon's requirements, branding, and specific services while ensuring they meet legal and professional standards.

    In-salon editable forms