The Hair Policy (salons)

Gold Class Hair - Hair Extensions Policy

At Gold Class Hair, we take pride in supplying premium Russian hair extensions to salons. We strive to provide high-quality products and ensure customer satisfaction. To maintain transparency and clarify our responsibilities, we have established the following policy regarding the sale of hair extensions:

  1. Hair Sale Responsibility: Once Gold Class Hair has sold the hair extensions to the salon, our responsibility is limited to providing high-quality products. We guarantee the quality and authenticity of our hair extensions, ensuring they meet the industry's highest standards.

  2. Installation Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the salon to be qualified and select qualified and experienced professionals who are trained in the proper techniques recommended by Gold Class Hair to install the hair extensions purchased correctly. The salon should exercise due diligence in being educated and choosing skilled stylists who understand the correct application and maintenance of our hair extensions.

  3. Customer Education: Salons using Gold Class Hair extensions must educate their customers about proper aftercare and maintenance to ensure longevity and the best possible results. The salon should provide detailed instructions to their clients on how to care for the extensions, including brushing, washing, styling, and avoiding activities that could cause damage.

  4. Client Satisfaction: While we strive to provide the finest quality hair extensions, we cannot guarantee how customers will treat or maintain the extensions after installation. If clients mistreat or improperly care for the hair, causing damage, Gold Class Hair cannot be held accountable.

  5. Installation Standards: Gold Class Hair recommends that salons adhere to industry best practices for installation techniques, including bond placement, correct removal methods, and suitable hair care products, are essential for optimal results and customer satisfaction.

  6. Salon Warranty: Any warranties or guarantees provided to customers regarding the hair extensions are the sole responsibility of the salon. Gold Class Hair does not offer any warranty or guarantee beyond the quality of the hair itself.If for any reason the quality of your hair is compromised within the first week of ordering, please return it for an evaluation. We'll assess the hair within 4 weeks, and if deemed faulty, we'll gladly offer a free replacement.

By purchasing and using Gold Class Hair extensions, salons acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in this policy. We advise salons to exercise caution and professionalism when installing the extensions themselves and when selecting qualified stylists to install our hair extensions, ensuring client satisfaction, and addressing any installation-related issues directly with the salon.

Please review this policy carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require further clarification.

Thank you for choosing Gold Class Hair as your hair extensions supplier.

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