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Gold Class Luxury Hair Extensions

Microbonds Mastery Level (LP)

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I’m moving forward and bringing you with me.. If you're all about perfecting your Microbond mastery in 2024, guess what? This course is personalised just for you!

I’m Skye Rose—not just a mentor but a seasoned professional with two thriving 6-7 figure businesses. With over 20 years in the industry and a decade-plus of installing Microbonds (over a million of them!), i’ve got the kind of knowledge and experience you want in your corner.

Consider this an invitation to let me be your mentor and help you step into the billon dollar hair extension industry. I'm all about fast-tracking you to success, helping you bag a 6-figure income in just 12 months, if you follow my guidance.

I'm constantly starting new trends and working hard to make our industry even better. With my tips and years of experience, I'm here to mentor you, giving you the time and energy you need to achieve those goals of yours. Let's improve the industry and take it to where it needs to be in 2024.

    Microbonds Mastery Level (LP)
    Microbonds Mastery Level (LP)


    Course Curriculum:

    Module 1: Understanding Quality
    Page 1: Exploring the Difference: Identifying disparities between high and low-quality hair

    Module 2: Professional Products
    Page 5: XPP and Bio Bonds: In-depth analysis of professional products such as XPP and bio bonds

    Module 3: Mastering Colour Matching. Page 9: Achieving the Perfect Shade: Techniques for precise colour matching in the beauty industry

    Module 4: Advanced Techniques
    Page 12: The Pinch & Pull Technique: A magnified look Pinch & Pull technique

    Module 5: Mane Mapping Mastery
    Page 14: Navigating the Mapping Chart: Understanding and using the mapping chart for perfect placement

    Module 6: Leveling up
    Page 15: Becoming a Luxury Extensionist: Strategies for reaching the a new level of excellence in extensions

    Module 7: Entrepreneurial Success
    Page 17: Social Media & Business: Leveraging social media with valuable tips and tricks for business growth

    Module 8: Cultivating a Strong Mind
    Page 32: Mindset Matters: Building a resilient mindset for success in the hair industry

    Module 9: Progressing to the Next Level Page 39: Your Next Chapter: Strategies to level up skills and confidently increase pricing

    Additional Resources:

    Extras: Consultation Forms and Social Media Post


    THE PERKS : 

    ✨ Access to unbeatable Trade Prices 

    ✨ Lifetime Access 

    ✨ Certificate to become a “specialist”

    ✨ 24/7 Support Team

    ✨ Master Skye’s popular pinch and pull technique 

    The Perks" of the Microbonds Mastery Level Course:

    1. Pro Stylist Acceleration: Transform into a PRO STYLIST in 2024 with the advanced Microbonds method.
    2. Efficient Mastery: Condense 100s of hours into a short, impactful course for further skill development.
    3. Timely Launch: Use the Christmas break to plan and execute for success in 2024.
    4. Industry Leader: Stay ahead in a growing industry, moving from 'book now' to 'booked out.'

    What to Expect:

    • Pinch & Pull Expertise: Learn Skye’s technique through up-close footage.
    • Precision Techniques: Master 0-degree elevation and versatile installations.
    • Efficiency Hacks: Ditch tools for faster, and use your hands.
    • Xtension Perfection: Perfect your placement using XPP and BIObonds
    • for superior installs.
    • Social Media Brilliance: Pro tips for a scroll stopping Instagram feed.
    • Business Scaling: Guidance for a 6-7 figure hair extension business.
    • Professional Framework: Forms for consultations, policies, and agreements.

    Join the Gold Class family, stand out, and let's change the industry together. Your journey to becoming a master Microbonds Specialist starts now.


    1. What sets the Microbonds Mastery Level Course apart from others in the industry? This course stands out by focusing on perfecting the application of the advanced Microbonds method, allowing you move into a luxury price point.
    2. Can you elaborate on the benefits of the lifetime access offered with the course? With lifetime access, you can revisit the course content at your own pace, reinforcing your skills whenever needed. Stay updated with evolving techniques without any time constraints.
    3. How does the course address the challenge of efficient installation and moving into a higher price point? The course provides a magnified look into the pinch and pull installation technique, along with ditching tools and using your hands. It's designed to improve your skills, enabling you to move into a luxury price point as a specialist.
    4. Tell me more about the 24/7 support mentioned. How does it work, and what kind of assistance can I expect? With 24/7 support, you have constant access to assistance, ensuring your queries are promptly addressed. Whether you need clarification on techniques or guidance on business strategies, help is always available.
    5. How does the course balance the short duration with comprehensive skill development? Despite its short duration, the course condenses hundreds of hours of installation learnings , providing focused, comprehensive insights. It's a strategic approach to skill development, allowing you to become a master Microbonds Specialist efficiently.
    6. What Resources are available within the course to enhance my learning experience? The course provides an immersive learning experience through HD videos, offering up-close footage of Skye’s pinch & pull installation and other techniques. Additionally, a comprehensive full manual is provided, ensuring you have detailed guidance and references to accompany your skill development journey.
    7. What are the “Extras” : The extras equip you with editable Canva forms, including consultation, policy, and agreement forms (14 types in total). Additionally, you'll receive Instagram posts tailored to show your newly developed expertise. These resources are designed to streamline your business operations and enhance your online presence, making it easier to promote your skills in the industry.


    The course is bundled with a professional kit, ensuring you have the essential tools for mastery. It's a package deal because using professional-quality tools is crucial to becoming a specialist and performing at your best.

    The kit includes: Biobonds, XPP & the Bond Pro