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Gold Class Luxury Hair Extensions

Microbonds™️ Online (LP)

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Beginners welcome, no experience necessary.

Australia’s First Hair Extension Course Launched in 2019 has since been completed by over 600 students world wide.

Purchase the course + complete student kit & receive 

  • The Microbonds™️ Cheat sheet.  A complete guide on installation, placement & mapping for you to follow. 

  • The million dollar mindset. A 150 Page book filled with information on how to be a magnet to success and manifest your dream clients. The blue print to successfully marketing your business on social media, and much more. 

  • The cutting course. A mini course which will teach you all things cutting. Learn how to become a pro stylist with video demo’s of blend cutting, razor cutting, blunt & point cutting, face framing & layering. 

See what other students are saying about the course Google reviews are here 


    Microbonds™️ Online (LP)
    Microbonds™️ Online (LP)
    Microbonds™️ Online (LP)
    Microbonds™️ Online (LP)
    Microbonds™️ Online (LP)
    Microbonds™️ Online (LP)
    Microbonds™️ Online (LP)
    Microbonds™️ Online (LP)
    Microbonds™️ Online (LP)


    Australia’s first online Microbonds / Keratin Bonds course; 


    1. Welcome to online training    
      -  Non disclosure agreement   
      -  Welcome to the hair industry   
      -  Meet Skye Rose 
    2. Hair Anatomy and Physiology   
      -  Scalp Facts   
      -  Hair chemistry   
      - Factors that influence hair extensions   
      - How the influencing factors affect hair extensions 
    3. Health and safety for hair extensions 
    4. Consultation   - Colour matching   
      -  Positioning the hair   
      -  Placement areas   
      -  Fitting checklist   
      -  Choosing the right thickness   
      -   Blending the hair extensions 
    5. Sectioning and blending 
    6. Extension aftercare 
    7. Problems and remedies 
    8. Removal 
    9. FAQs - 14 questions your client will ask 
    10. What are Microbond hair extensions?  - What are Microbonds?  
      -   Isolation and placement   
      -   A list on what you will need to fit extensions 
    11. Non remy hair VS remy hair   
      -   Cheaply sourced hair that doesn’t last   
      -   Remy hair that is high quality 
    12. HD video 
    13. It’s your turn 
    14. Business and social media -  Setting up social media   
      -   Using your branding on socials   
      -   Your Instagram bio   
      -    20 content ideas   
      -    Top 10 apps to enhance content creation    
      -    Extra tips 

    Completion - Guide to pricing.
    -   Refresh and relearn courses
    -   Certificate issued      


    THE PERKS : 

    ✨ Access to unbeatable Trade Prices 

    ✨ Lifetime Access 

    ✨ Certificate of completion

    ✨ 24/7 Support Team

    ✨ Learn Skye’s popular pinch and pull technique 


    microbonds™️ is not only the higher paid service in the hair extension industry but has recently become the most requested technique. 

    Skye Rose has a extensive 20 years industry experience, a wealth of hairdressing knowledge & with over a decade of installing Microbonds she has now easily installed over a million bonds on thousands of clients you are not only choosing the right career path as the hair extension industry is expected to boom to a 4 billion industry by 2028 but your mentor Skye Rose is the founder & Director of not one but two 6-7 figure businesses. 💰

    Skye has made it her mission to empower women. She strongly believes that the secret to success lies not only in providing quality services, but also in developing a positive and resilient
    mindset. 🧘‍♀️

    Skye’s promise to you. 

    Choosing me as your mentor means gaining a dedicated partner who truly cares about your success in the hairdressing industry. I have a wealth of industry knowledge, entrepreneurial expertise, and microbond mastery to share with you. I am passionate about helping you unlock your full potential and reaching new heights in your career. With personalised guidance, unwavering dedication, and genuine care, I will support you through every step of the journey. Whether it's tackling challenges, celebrating victories, or navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, I will be there to provide the guidance and support you need to succeed. 

    Inovation & Mastery.
    Let me mentor you, help you start a new business in the thriving hair extension industry. Let me fast track you to success & potenital earn a 6 figure income in 12 months. I am innovating new trends regularly, consistently working on improving the industry & its leaders. With my vast knowledge & experience I will mentor you in committing time and energy to help you achieve your goals.


    with our 24/7 support team available to help guide & mentor you throughout your learning rest assure you are not alone


    1. What are the contents included in the Microbonds Online Course kits?The Microbonds Online Course offers two kits: the Complete Kit, available in two colours, and the Starter Kit. The Complete Kit (princess or onyx) includes a comprehensive set of tools and accessories, such as a tool kit bag, bonds pro connector, grippers, cutting scissors, thinning scissors, heat mat, sectioning clips, butterfly clips, cutting comb, sectioning comb, colour ring, 50g training hair,pliers and a cutting blade. On the other hand, the Starter Kit includes a heat applicator, tail comb, clips, cutting comb, hair grippers, scissors, detangler brush, cutting razor, and three butterfly clips. These kits provide all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure a successful and professional application of microbonds for hair extensions.
    2. How do I know which kit is best for me in the Microbonds online course? If you're a beginner in the Microbonds online course, we suggest starting with the Complete Kit. It provides a comprehensive set of tools including cutting scissors, sectioning clips, butterfly clips, and more, which will support you in learning and practicing the microbond hair extension techniques. For those who already have experience in microbond hair extensions or have some of the essential tools, the Starter Kit offers a more streamlined option with the necessary items like a heat applicator, comb, clips, and scissors. Assess your skill level and existing tools to determine which kit will best complement your needs and help you excel in the course.
    3. Is online hair extension education as effective as in-person training? Yes, according to Skye's students, Gold Class Academy's online learning platform has been reported as highly effective, with students feeling that Skye is right there with them. The flexibility to learn at your own pace is a significant advantage.
    4. How will I receive the course materials and access the online content? Once you purchase the course, you will receive a personalised link to access the course materials instantly. The course is hosted on the Thinkific platform.
    5. Can I learn at my own pace, or is there a specific timeline for completing the course? You have the freedom to learn from anywhere and at any time. With lifetime access to the course and a downloadable and printable manual, you can refer back to the information whenever needed.
    6. Will I receive any support or guidance during the online course? Absolutely! Throughout the course, if you have any questions, you can reach out to the support team via email ( They will respond promptly and provide the guidance you need.
    7. What are the prerequisites or requirements for enrolling in the online hair extension education?There are no prerequisites or requirements for enrolling in the online hair extension education. The courses are designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals, offering a flexible approach that caters to individuals of all levels.
    8. How interactive is the online learning experience? Will I have the opportunity to ask questions or interact with instructors or other students? The training consists of pre-recorded footage and theory work. However, there is a dedicated support team available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Skye also facilitates group chats on WhatsApp, allowing you to interact with other students.
    9. Are there any practical components or hands-on training included in the online course? The online courses are primarily delivered through video demonstrations and theory work. However, Gold Class Academy provides a complimentary in-person "look and learn" class every three months, where you can gain hands-on experience and interact with Skye and other students.
    10. Will I receive a certification upon completing the online hair extension education? Yes, upon completing the online hair extension education, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your successful completion of the course.
    11. Are there any additional costs or materials I need to purchase for the online course? There are no additional or hidden costs. Gold Class Academy offers three versions of the course: the course itself, the course with the starter kit, or the course with the complete kit. You can choose the option that suits your needs.
    12. Can I access the course content after completing the program, or is it only available for a limited time? You will have lifetime access to the course content, allowing you to revisit and review the materials even after completing the program.
    13. What sets your online hair extension education apart from other similar courses available online? Gold Class Academy's education stands out because 30% of students achieve six-figure incomes within their first 12 months after completing the course. Skye provides insider knowledge and focuses on what you really need to know to succeed, without unnecessary filler information. Skye's impressive background, with 3800 clients in her booking system and $1.2 million in sales in 2022, further adds to the value of the education.
    14. Do you offer any job placement assistance or post-course support? While Gold Class Academy does not offer job placement assistance, the course equips you with all the fundamentals to start your own business in the hair extension industry.
    15. Can I use the knowledge and skills gained from the online course to start my own hair extension business?Absolutely! Gold Class Academy's education provides you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to start your own six-figure business in the hair extension industry.
    16. Are there any financing options or payment plans available for the online course? Yes, Gold Class Academy offers various financing options and payment plans, including Afterpay, Zip Pay, Klarna, Payright, and Gold Class Pay. You can choose the option that suits your financial needs.
    17. How do I get technical support if I encounter any issues accessing the online course materials? If you encounter any technical issues accessing the online course materials, simply reach out to Gold Class Academy's support team at They will provide you with the necessary assistance to resolve any problems you may face.
    18. Do I get access to wholesale pricing with a wholesale account? Yes, once you have completed your course, you can sign up for a wholesale account through our wholesale form. This will give you access to wholesale pricing for stocking your business.




    Onyx/ Princess Kit (only difference is the colours) :

    1 x tool kit bag

    1 x Bondpro connector

    1 x cutting scissors

    1 x thinning scissors

    1 x heat mat

    4 x sectioning clips

    2 x butterfly clips

    1 x cutting comb

    1 x sectioning comb

    1 x colour ring 

    1 x cutting blade

    2 x grippers

    1 x Mannequin head

    50g training hair

    Starter kit:

    • heat applicator
    • tail comb & clips
    • cutting comb
    • hair grippers
    • scissors
    • detangler brush
    • cutting razor 
    • 3 x butterfly clips