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Gold Class Luxury Hair Extensions

Look & Learn(Group Class)

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    Look & Learn(Group Class)


    Q1: Who is eligible to attend this 1/2 day course? A1: This 1/2 day course is for students of House of Hair Extensions or anyone who already has 12 months of experience working with Microbonds and wants to expand their expertise in the technique.

    Q2: What can I expect to learn in this upskill course? A2: In this upskill course, you will learn techniques to elevate your installation and placement skills with Microbonds. It focuses on achieving perfect placement and isolation to enhance client satisfaction.

    Q3: What topics are covered in the course? A3: The course covers the following topics:

    • How to install Microbonds for all hair types
    • Safety techniques for isolating rows to prevent matting
    • Face framing with Microbonds
    • Seamless blend cutting technique
    • Correct color matching
    • Blunt cuts and blending techniques

    Q4: Why is perfect placement and isolation important in hair extensions? A4: Perfect placement and isolation are crucial in hair extensions because they contribute to a natural and seamless look. Proper placement and isolation techniques help prevent tangling, matting, and discomfort for the client.

    Q5: Will I learn how to blend different hair types? A5: Yes, the course includes instructions on how to blend different hair types seamlessly, ensuring a natural and cohesive result.

    Q6: Is there a focus on safety during the removal process? A6: Absolutely, the course covers a fast removal process while ensuring the safety of the client's natural hair and scalp.

    Q7: What is emphasized when it comes to color matching? A7: The course teaches correct color matching techniques to ensure the hair extensions seamlessly blend with the client's natural hair color.

    Q8: Will I learn how to achieve blunt cuts and seamless blending? A8: Yes, the course includes instruction on achieving blunt cuts and blending techniques for a polished and professional finish.

    Q9: What time does the course start and finish?  A9: Refresh and relearn runs from 10am to 1pm.


    Refresh and relearn is a half-day course designed to enhance hair extension installation and placement techniques. Tailored for students of House of Hair Extensions or those with 12 months of Microbonds experience, attendees will learn about perfect placement, isolation, safety techniques, color matching, and blending for various hair types. The course runs from 10am to 1pm, emphasizing a natural and seamless look in extensions.