Care for your Gold Class hair with these tips

To ensure that your Gold Class Hair Extensions last as long as possible, it is
essential to care for them properly. We recommend avoiding washing or sweating
for the first 48 hours after installation and using only salon-quality hair
care products, such as Gold Class (GC) products, that are free of parabens and sulphates.
When drying your hair, we suggest using a lower heat setting and a heat
protector to seal moisture. It's also beneficial to use hydrating treatments or
masques instead of conditioners, and to avoid applying them to the root area.
Brush your hair gently with a GC detangler brush twice a day, starting from
the ends and working your way up to the roots to prevent matting. We advise
scheduling a maintenance grow-out check every eight weeks and a tape extension
refit every six weeks. When washing, avoid rubbing your hair vigorously and
shampoo gently twice to open hair cuticles and cleanse thoroughly.
Additionally, avoid using wands or straighteners over the bonds to prevent
melting or slipping. While toners and root touch-ups are acceptable, we don't
recommend scalp bleaching or lightening extensions, and we advise limiting the
number of colour sessions to prevent drying out the hair over time. By
following these tips, you can maintain your Gold Class Hair Extensions' quality
and longevity for an extended period.